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dacadoo 被 Gartner 评为 2021 年“保险行业最酷供应商”,被 CB Insights 评为“2022 风险领导者”,我们将旗下数字健康综合管理平台(包括健康分数和风险引擎)授权给人寿与健康保险运营商 (B2B),为全球人寿与健康保险运营商和组织 100 强中的超过 35 家提供保险科技和健康技术解决方案。dacadoo 的技术支持 18 种以上的语言,可作为完全品牌化的白标解决方案提供,也可以通过 API 集成到客户的产品中(自带应用)。dacadoo 通过“连接、评分、参与”服务,支持人寿与健康保险运营商利用我们基于 SaaS 的数字健康综合管理平台来激励客户拥抱更健康的生活方式。dacadoo 还提供风险引擎,可实时计算死亡率和发病率的相对风险。dacadoo 在欧洲、北美和亚太地区拥有超过 125 名员工,我们的数字化人寿与健康解决方案拥有 100 多项专利申请。dacadoo 完全致力于保护隐私和安全,因此我们的解决方案的设计和运营符合行业标准、法律和法规,例如《瑞士联邦数据保护法》、GDPR 和 HIPAA。我们的信息安全和隐私管理系统已获得世界知名的 ISO 27001 和 ISO 27701 标准认证。


Infographic 2021

dacadoo - It works!

Learn how our Digital Health Engagement Platform helps insurers around the globe and their insured clients.

dacadoo Works

dacadoo - It works!

Learn how our Digital Health Engagement Platform helps insurers around the globe and their insured clients.

Ultra-processed foods

How ultra-processed foods affect our bodies and diets.


Everything you need to know.


Combat stress with lifestyle choices


A guide to a healthy and tasty diet.


Why is sleep so important?
Sitting is the new smoking


Sitting is the new smoking.


Health Scoring and The Personalization of Risk

This white paper has been developed in conjunction with our Data Science team to bring to life the tangible outcomes our Health Scoring technology can bring to health care expenditure savings. We also explore how new personalization efforts in life or health insurance can combine new technologies and correlative analysis techniques that leverage Big Data to deliver real-time customization of offerings, content, and customer experience at an individual level.

Well Care

The Digital Well Care Opportunity for Medicare Advantage Plans

In this white paper we explore the opportunities for insurers involved with Medicare Advantage plans in the U.S. to offer a comprehensive menu of digital prevention and wellbeing benefits. The system should shift from a ‘sick care’ perspective, where only those who are sick get treatment, to a ‘well care’ approach, where the focus is on prevention. Download our paper to read further.
Customer Engagement

New Opportunities for Customer Engagement

In this paper we explore how digital health ecosystems provide an opportunity for insurers to extend their core offering and grow their business by introducing new and innovative value-added services and products. However, how does customer engagement play a key role in the insurer’s success? How does engagement drive conversion and retention metrics? Download our white paper to find out.

Digital Insurance Operator

Global Market Report on the Integrated Insurance Operator

This report explores the findings from our Global Integrated Insurance Operator Survey, conducted in October 2020, through which we interviewed an audience of insurance executives from around the world. Key topics include the digitization of insurers, Covid-19 and its repercussions for the industry, Digital Health Engagement Platforms and integrated digital services.

Evolving the Insurance Platform Through Trust in the Digital Age

“The evolution for the Insurance platform business then needs to focus on simplicity, transparency, and leveraging their customer’s trust.” Download our white paper, to find out how to get insurance unstuck, which are the new emerging customer expectations, the main innovations in and outside of insurance and how Life & Health insurers can broaden their offerings and expand their value to their customers.

Guiding Health Insurers Through The Digital Front Door

In this dacadoo white paper we explore the importance of implementing digital health engagement omni-channel platforms to improve customer experience, their wellness and prevention of illnesses. To remain relevant in changing technological environments and create long-lasting relationships with your customers, insurers need to adapt – and we show you how.


ITCA Peter

Digital Health Engagement from dacadoo – opportunity knocks

Webinar by Thomas Dijohn, SVP, APAC


Digital Health Engagement from dacadoo – opportunity knocks

Webinar by Thomas Dijohn, SVP, APAC


Asia Life Insurance Summit – Asia Insurance Review

The presentation by Thomas Dijohn, SVP, APAC


Asia-Pacific Health Insurance and Telemedicine Conference Day 2

The presentation by Thomas Dijohn, SVP, APAC

Future Finance Live DX for Insurance 6th Edition

The presentation by Thomas Dijohn, SVP, APAC

Asia Insurance Review - Virtual Asia Conference on Healthcare and Health Insurance

The presentation by Thomas Dijohn, SVP, APAC

Future Finance Live – Digital Transformation for Insurance

The presentation by Thomas Dijohn, SVP, APAC  – The digitally transformed insurer.

Insurtech Insights Webinar

Webinar by Thomas Dijohn on The Customer-Focused Insurer

A talk between Impetus and dacadoo

A chat with Matt Park and Natalie Yeadon from Impetus Digital

dacadoo presentation at the 2021 virtual India Rendezvous

Watch our CEO Peter Ohnemus give an insightful presentation for Indian insurers.

dacadoo and Aite webinar

Health Scoring and Predictive Analytics in Life Insurance

Risk Engine Webinar with Swiss Re and dacadoo

Watch our Risk Engine webinar with Kelvyn Young of Swiss Re

The Global Integrated Insurance Operator

Watch this webinar hosted by the International Insurance Society. Presented by Peter Ohnemus and Sean Ringsted of Chubb Group.

Paolo Fiorentino's Interview for the Italian Insurance Forum (In Italian)

Webinar with Paolo Fiorentino, Sales Manager at dacadoo

A New “Lease On Life”: Life Insurers Reimagine Customer Engagement

Webinar with Peter Ohnemus, CEO at dacadoo

HLTH GoLIVE Webinar: Beyond Engagement: Building Brand Loyalty through Digital Health

Webinar with Barry Pailet

dacadoo & Asia Insurance Review webinar July 21st 2020

This is a recording from the AIR webinar with Peter Ohnemus, CEO at dacadoo.

Oracle Webinar: Accelerating Triage and Easing Member Enrollments with Digital Technology

(14:10) Health and Wellness Engagement Platform correlating Health Scores to claims, and the point & reward system

The digital health platform economy – a growth segment for consultants

Webinar recording of the consultants webinar by Peter Ohnemus on June 10th, 2020.

Engagement for Insurers - Fireside chat between Aite and dacadoo

Fireside chat between Aite and dacadoo from May 2020.

What comes after COVID-19 for the Life & Health Insurance Industry? (09.04.2020)

Webinar from dacadoo CEO Peter Ohnemus held on April 9th 2020.

Super Ecosystems for Life & Health insurances, March 2020

Webinar by Peter Ohnemus, CEO & President dacadoo


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