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dacadoo archive: 2011

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dacadoo에서 최신 정보를 확인하십시오.

CNN Money Switzerland의 Amanda Kayne과의 인터뷰에서 dacadoo의 설립자이자 CEO인 Peter Ohnemus는 건강과 영양에대한 행동이 어떻게 변화하고 있는지에 대해 설명합니다.


dacadoo Awards

  • Recognized as Europe’s Top 100 Digital Pioneers by Financial Times, Google and the EU
  • Winner of the Innovation Den at the Internet of Insurance conference (UK)
  • Shortlisted for GSMA Asia Mobile Awards in the category “Best Mobile App for Business
  • Nominated for the 22nd Asia Industry Awards in the category “InsurTech of the Year”
  • Winner of the Red Herring Top 100 Global Award (USA)
  • Bronze in the Internet of Things category at the Best of Swiss Apps Awards 
  • Nominated as Top 100 Innovator in the Global Digital Health Award List 2016 by the Journal of mHealth
  • Among the winners of the Be Well Challenge with the HITS Award from MSD (USA)
  • Winner of the 2016 Innovators Challenge at the Partners HealthCare Connected Health Symposium (USA)
  • Finalist in the Innovation category at the Insurance IOT Europe Awards (UK)
  • Winner of the 2016 Global Visionary Innovation Leadership Award for Wellness Analytics by Frost & Sullivan (USA)
  • Finalist in the “Best App” category for the Wearable Award at WTS Wearable Technology Show (UK)
  • Winner of the BIG Innovation Award by the Business Intelligence Group (USA)
  • Nominated as Top 100 Innovator in the Global Digital Health Award List by the Journal of mHealth
  • Finalist at the Global Red Herring Top 100 Awards (USA)
  • Digital Health Award Finalist at the Digital Innovation in Healthcare Conference of Munich Network (Europe)
  • Winner of the TiE50 Award at TiECon in Silicon Valley (USA)
  • Winner of silver at the EU SME eHealth Competition in the Champions category (Europe)