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Manuel Heuer

Manuel Heuer

Chief Operating Officer

First half of 2020: new dacadoo customers

This year is one of the most challenging ones we’ve faced in the industry. Starting with the Australian bushfires destroying much of its natural flora and fauna and followed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which is still shaking the grounds of the global healthcare systems and our economy.

However, at dacadoo, we’ve managed to stay productive. We’ve released app updates, won two MongoDB awards, have hosted several webinars and online conferences – as opposed to our traditional physical conferences – and have partnered with numerous prestigious clients around the globe.

We pride ourselves to work with over thirty-five of the current top one hundred Life & Health insurance operators worldwide.

So, here’s a summary of some of the new customers we’ve consolidated in the first half of this year. A couple of other existing customers are still to be announced publicly.

Swiss Life Global Solutions – Switzerland

Swiss Life Network has become a strategic partner for dacadoo. Swiss Life supports dacadoo’s web and app-based platforms, which are designed to help insurance companies and organizations promote healthy behaviors in their customers and employees.

Read our full press release on Swiss Life Global Solutions here.

Seguros Unimed – Brazil

Seguros Unimed partnered with dacadoo to access its technology and functionalities via our Application Programming Interface (API), so that Seguros Unimed can add dacadoo’s digital health services to its marketplace, to be offered via mobile applications to the Unimed beneficiaries and affiliated physicians during the course of 2020.

Read our full press release on Seguros Unimed here.

Manulife – Hong Kong

Using behavioral science, online coaching functions and curated wellness content, the Manulife-dacadoo partnership is enriching ManulifeMOVE’s offering. The enhanced capabilities, which feature dacadoo’s patented Health Score, provide customers a new scientific yet simple scoring method to measure how healthy they are and what they need to do to stay healthy.

Read our full press release on Manulife here.

Falck Healthcare – Denmark

Falck Healthcare partnered with global, leading health tech company, dacadoo, to create a unique digital healthcare universe named Falck Pulse. Falck Healthcare is the largest provider of occupational healthcare in the Nordics, and now the company is using anonymized health data and personal insights to keep employees healthy and fit for the labor market.

Read our full press release on Falck Healthcare here.

T&D Holdings – Japan

T&D Holdings Group will offer dacadoo’s digital health solutions, which will be localized and customized for the Japanese market and culture, to millennial generation consumers. The collaboration will support a wellness engagement objective.
T&D is pursuing diversification of its business in its medium-term management plan as well as creating shared values through this agreement with dacadoo by contributing to the health field solutions on social issues.

Read our full T&D Holdings press release here.

If you’d like to find out more about how we bring digital innovation to insurance operators please see our Digital Health Engagement Platform, our Risk Engine, our API solutions, or please download our flyers.

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