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Peter Ohnemus

Peter Ohnemus

CEO & Founder of dacadoo

dacadoo and Microsoft join forces

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Adapted from Microsoft Pulse

“530 years ago, Leonardo Da Vinci attempted to define the quality of human life. Fast forward half a millennium and we are doing the same thing – just with different technology.”

Much like Da Vinci, our CEO, Peter Ohnemus, has grand ambitions for the role he can play in shaping human history. He reflects on the incredible journey dacadoo has been on since he founded it a decade ago.

“We started in 2010 with the goal of making the world a healthier place,” says Ohnemus. “We wanted to be able to define human health in a single number between 0 and 1,000. So, we started by hiring 27 data analysts who spent the next five years helping us reach that goal.”

The Health Score platform that we launched in 2015, after five years of deep research, has had a huge impact on the global Life and Health insurance industry, allowing insurance giants like Manulife and Aon to give their many millions of clients accurate and meaningful insights into their health and wellbeing.

And as dacadoo has thrived and our products have multiplied, so the need for it to scale globally has increased. Moving to the cloud became the obvious solution.

“Microsoft was a natural choice for us because they are a partner that can really help us scale the Health Score and the dacadoo Health Engagement Platform globally,” enthuses Ohnemus. “We believe that Microsoft is a true technology provider that really wants the best for its clients.”

Talking about our partnership, Marianne Janik, Country General Manager of Microsoft Switzerland, stated: “dacadoo is the perfect partner for us – it was an ideal match. We are very pleased to see them strive through our Azure Cloud services, which allowed for seamless scaling and secure hosting. We look forward to seeing dacadoo grow even further and to many years of fruitful cooperation.”

Read the full article on Microsoft Pulse here.

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