2021년 결과 문서

dacadoo의 보험 고객 관련 최근 통계를 보면, dacadoo 디지털 헬스 참여 플랫폼이 보험사의 비즈니스 목표와 피보험자의 웰빙 모두를 위해 크게 개선되었음을 확인할 수 있습니다. 인포그래픽을 다운로드하여 dacadoo 기술이 얼마나 큰 차이를 이루어내는지 알아보세요!

2021 infographic

dacadoo 소개

dacadoo licenses its Digital Health Engagement Platform, including its Health Score, to Life & Health insurance operators (B2B), supplying Insurtech and health-tech solutions to over 35 of the top 100 Life & Health insurance operators globally. Available in over 15 languages, dacadoo’s technology is provided as a fully branded, white label solution or it can be integrated into customers’ products through its API. Through its ‘Connect, Score, Engage’ offering, dacadoo supports Life & Health operators to motivate their clients to lead healthier lifestyles through its SaaS-based Digital Health Engagement Platform. dacadoo also provides its Risk Engine, which calculates relative risk on mortality and morbidity in real-time. dacadoo has over 115 employees across locations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific and over 100 filed patents around their digital Life & Health solutions.