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Manuel Heuer

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Wheel of Life™ – The Platform Revolutionizing Life & Health Insurance Has Arrived

As we officially announced our Wheel of LifeTM Digital Health Engagement Platform end of November last year, today we are proudly launching our app publicly. Wheel of LifeTM is now available to download on the Play Store and the App Store (access only for prospective clients via access code).

The Platform That Life & Health Insurance Was Waiting For

Since its announcement back in late November, Wheel of LifeTM has had an incredible reception among Life & Health insurance operators and the media. We’ve been overwhelmed with the amount of interest it has generated and are gladly working to get this exciting update of our platform implemented for many insurers worldwide very soon.

Publications that covered Wheel of Life

As insurers realize the incredible potential of digital health engagement to improve customer experience and satisfaction, Wheel of LifeTM is truly revolutionizing the industry landscape.

It allows insurers to not only connect with their customers and enhance brand recognition, but also to gather unique and powerful audience insights that can be used to offer personalized products (such as Pay-As-You-Live plans) and to reduce acquisition costs.

Additionally, insurers can take advantage of implementing our platform to also present it as a value-added service when offering group coverage. Our Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) encourages users to lead holistically healthier lifestyles, which, on its own, poses huge benefits for insurers and group plans already. Having a healthier workforce and members can not only have a positive impact on revenue and operating costs, but also shows that you truly care about your members. At dacadoo, we call this the #wecare strategy, which is ever so relevant now, as demonstrated in our industry research survey:

81% of Life & Health insurers are now turning their attention to attaching a health and wellbeing proposition to their product offering as a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Quantifying Holistic Health; Improving User Experience

Wheel of LifeTM has come as the result of over a decade of sharpening and developing our technology further. We wanted to improve our award-winning DHEP even further through feedback from our global client base and the data insights from their customers, to provide an even more compelling proposition for our insurer clients. And we’re ecstatic to say we made it, with our dedicated t-shirts!

Our t-shirts to commemorate the launch

With our world-renowned Health Score at its heart, the Wheel of LifeTM encompasses seven different categories to accurately quantify holistic health. We cover everything from a user’s activity, sleep, nutrition, their mindfulness and even their caffeine, alcohol or nicotine intake, in order to calculate precise physical health and mental wellbeing states.

Want to find out more? Read our dedicated blog series to learn about all the power Wheel of LifeTM will put at your fingertips.

“The Life & Health insurance industry is getting serious about their digital transformation. This means that they will be moving from a payer only partner to an Insurance as a Service (IaaS) provider. Our Wheel of LifeTM Digital Health Engagement Platform allows insurers to connect and engage with their policyholders in a unique manner, whilst providing a relevant and useful service that helps them lead healthier lifestyles. That’s why I’m so excited about our global roll-out of Wheel of LifeTM, which is revolutionizing the Life & Health insurance landscape!” – Peter Ohnemus, President & CEO, dacadoo

Book your complimentary Wheel of LifeTM demo or get in touch with us to jump into the future of digital health engagement!

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