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Manuel Heuer

Chief Operating Officer

World Earth Day and Our Shared Responsibility

The theme of World Earth Day this year is “Restore Our Earth,” a nod to the need to focus on restoration as a way to combat climate change. Efforts like reforestation and a focus on green technologies are the future of the movement to save our planet.

Our Shared Responsibility

As a global Healthtech company, we at dacadoo try to do our part to protect the environment by making sustainable choices on every level. After all, environmental factors often play a large part in overall health and wellbeing.

The World Health Organization points to air pollutants as a cause of “respiratory infections, heart disease, and lung cancer.” At the same time, extreme temperatures can lead to heatstroke, heat exhaustion, and more acute issues like wildfires and other weather events.

A part of our #wecare strategy is the acceptance that we all have a role to play in securing a safe and healthy world for ourselves and future generations. When we all work together to move toward a greener future, everyone wins.

We know how important it is to center environmental protection in both our choices as a business and in what we promote to our larger audience.

Shifting to Renewable Energy

Currently, the dacadoo headquarter offices are powered through 100% renewable energy. Sometimes known as “clean energy,” renewable energy is what we call a resource that is always replenishable. Examples of clean energy are wind and solar power.

Focus on the Environment

Not only do we hold ourselves to a high standard when it comes to how we might impact the planet, but our commitment also extends to our partners. At dacadoo, we’ve chosen to pursue relationships with environmentally conscious suppliers. It’s a simple decision that makes a big impact.

Everyday Choices

At dacadoo, we use our role as a digital health company to promote sustainable everyday choices like using a bicycle or taking public transportation instead of driving. Bicycling is a low-carbon mode of transport, giving off far fewer greenhouse gases than the subway, train, or car. It’s also an excellent choice for better overall health, as cycling makes for a happy heart. Meanwhile, cities that emphasize public transportation over car usage already save nearly 5.3 billion liters of gasoline every single year, according to the Environmental Literacy Council.

Caring Through Action

We’re strong advocates for choosing the train or car-sharing over air travel whenever possible. Both of these options diminish pollution long-term. In 2018, studies found that air travel alone made up nearly 2.4% of total CO₂ emissions worldwide. That’s a number that rivals the total emissions of entire countries! Limiting the frequency of air travel is a fantastic way of diminishing our negative impact on a warming planet.

The Move to Remote Work

The same goes for remote work, where eliminating the need to travel daily drastically reduces each employee’s contribution to global warming. In addition, a Scientific American article from July 2020 cites a massive decrease in electricity consumption in major American cities from before and after the pandemic lockdowns first began. This has been attributed to the move away from office buildings.

Remote work worldwide is here to stay, and here at dacadoo, we’re happy to accommodate employees who are able to work from home.

Ensuring that our business model and values align with our commitment to reducing our environmental impact on the planet is something we’re focused on all year round. This World Earth Day, we’re acknowledging our shared responsibility for a cleaner, greener future and leaning into the ways we can encourage long-term sustainability.

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