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Manuel Heuer

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How dacadoo Improves Engagement and Results for Insurers

Successful insurance providers do more than sell plans and make payouts.

Using dacadoo’s Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) with Wheel of Life™, insurers work more closely with their customers, learn about their target audience, and improve customer relationships.

As a result, they are better equipped to meet customer needs with personalized insurance plans and the data to continue improving them.

What Does dacadoo Do?

As consumers become more aware of the benefits of caring for their health, insurers must rise to the challenge of helping them maintain their physical and mental wellbeing. dacadoo’s DHEP Wheel of Life™ helps them meet that demand with proven technology and results.

The platform engages users with familiar functions modeled after gamification and social media functionality while allowing insurers to understand customer needs better. They then see higher-quality engagement, customer loyalty, and improved relationships and trust with their customers.

How Does dacadoo Benefit Insurers?

When insurers use dacadoo’s technology, customers are more likely to see the value of their insurance provider. dacadoo’s DHEP with Wheel of Life™ helps customers track their health with their insurer so that they see significantly improved engagement quality.

Improved Engagement and Accurate Data

With dacadoo, insurers report seeing up to 37% more page views on their apps than before.

Customers also spent up to 40% more time in the app, owing to dacadoo’s advanced health tracking features. With more customers using the app feature, they reported improved health, showing proven results with the DHEP.

After implementing dacadoo’s DHEP in their app, insurers reported seeing a 173% higher preference for the dacadoo version over the version without it. When customers engage and build a stronger preference for the insurer’s app, insurers create trust in their brands.

Customer Trust and Brand Loyalty

Because dacadoo uses engaging and intuitive features that offer customers convenience and personalization, insurers benefit from gathering relevant data in real-time.

Insureds want to know that their insurer cares about their health, and dacadoo gives them all the proof they need, what we call #WECARE.

The DHEP with Wheel of Life™ leads to higher conversions when customers see the benefits of working with a company that prioritizes their health and wellness.

How Does dacadoo Help Customers?

dacadoo boosts more than the business side of insurance by giving customers the resources and tools they need to maintain optimal health. Through data collected in 2021 from three customer groups, dacadoo’s DHEP users have seen significant improvement in health metrics for several areas.

dacadoo targets customer health in virtually every area. By taking a holistic approach to wellness, customers see improvement in their bodies and minds rather than in one area alone.

On average, each of the three customer groups’ app users experienced:

  • Over 17 points increase in Health Score for users that had a low Score (<500)
  • A 45% increase in daily steps, for users that remained physically active during 2021
  • A 7.98 bpm decrease in their resting heart rate for users that had a high resting heart rate >70 bpm, leading to better heart health over time.

Customer B’s users’ average Health Score rose over 100 points in 2021 by using dacadoo, while Customer A’s raised their average daily steps by 45%!

Sleep Time

Customers who slept too little increased their sleep time by an average of 28 minutes, while customers who slept too much reduced their sleep time by 51 minutes. Improving the amount and quality of sleep can yield other benefits, including better cognitive function and immunity, as well as a lower risk of certain chronic illnesses.

High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure

Customers with high blood pressure decreased their systolic blood pressure by an average of 13.20mmHg and diastolic blood pressure by 7.35mmHg using dacadoo. They also lowered their high cholesterol by an average of .36 millimoles per Liter. Lowering both high cholesterol and high blood pressure reduces strain on the heart, reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

dacadoo’s Impact on Insurance

By focusing on overall customer wellness, insurers dramatically increase customer satisfaction. dacadoo’s DHEP with Wheel of Life™ makes it possible to create customer connections while providers benefit from quality data, brand loyalty, and more sales.

Contact dacadoo today to discover how DHEP can benefit insurance companies through personalized health tracking!

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