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Manuel Heuer

Manuel Heuer

Chief Operating Officer

How dacadoo Changes Health Insurance from Predictive to Preventive

As the needs of consumers evolve, so should insurance. With dacadoo’s ‘Predict and Prevent’ approach, consumers get more out of their insurance and focus on maintaining optimal health. Using dacadoo’s Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) with Wheel of Life™, insurers can boost brand loyalty and revenue while giving customers the care they deserve.

How Does dacadoo Shift the Old Insurance Model?

For over 170 years, insurance has taken the same approach to health by focusing on predicting health risks. dacadoo is here to change that.

While most insurance companies only predict their customers’ likelihood of risk, including death and accidents, dacadoo takes that model to the next level. dacadoo uses its DHEP with Wheel of Life™ to change this business model and focus on preventing health problems derived from a low Health Score, by understanding customer health. It then uses that understanding to help customers improve or maintain their health.

Tools like Wheel of Life™ build trust between consumers and insurers, creating new opportunities for insurers to increase care quality and build better relationships without sacrificing sales.

dacadoo takes a proactive approach to insurance to create better health outcomes for customers. While the old insurance model uses math and predictions to make money, dacadoo’s approach provides an improved business model that directly impacts consumers’ lives.

What Do Consumers Get Out of dacadoo?

When insurers use dacadoo’s Wheel of Life™ and Risk Engine, they create a more personalized approach to insurance. Wheel of Life™ starts by establishing consumers’ baseline health and growing their potential to create a balance in their wellbeing.

dacadoo brings insurance closer to the consumer by focusing on the individual. One in three adults lives with two or more chronic conditions, and dacadoo’s DHEP helps people prevent these conditions by encouraging them to lead healthier lives.

Consumers can use their Wheel of Life™ coach in the app to set and meet personalized goals. The coach identifies what that person needs to change to achieve better health and offers suggestions to meet those goals.

For example, if the person sleeps too little, our app encourages them to go to bed earlier and creates incentives to predict and prevent potential negative outcomes. As a result, the consumer raises their Health Score in our app, which can save both the consumer and the insurer thousands of dollars in health insurance.

What Does Prioritizing Consumers Mean for Insurers?

dacadoo improves engagement and gathers accurate data for insurers.

Also, dacadoo’s intuitive platform makes it easy for consumers to keep track of their health.

When consumers believe their insurer cares about more than selling plans and collecting payments, those consumers trust that insurance company. Insurers retain more customers while increasing their ROI with dacadoo.

Preventive care can save over two million lives each year and save $3.7 billion.

It can also reduce the risk of chronic conditions like heart disease and type two diabetes.

In the past, insurance focused on identifying risks and profiting off those risks. dacadoo helps insurers stay profitable with a predict and prevent approach that shifts from reactive to proactive care. With a proactive approach, insurers can stay ahead of the market with the latest digital health technology while continuing to meet consumer needs. Insurers then increase their revenue by providing high-quality care and building a high level of trust using Wheel of Life™ to improve client wellbeing. This is what we call #WECARE, here at dacadoo.

dacadoo helps insurers help their customers using innovative digital health solutions that take a holistic approach to wellness. Insurers work with consumers to meet their health potential and offer more than an insurance plan using this approach.

Using a Predict And Prevent business model, dacadoo’s DHEP with Wheel of Life™ encourages consumers to improve their health and wellness in a way that benefits insurers and increases sales.

Contact dacadoo today to learn how its predict and prevent approach can change insurance!

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