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Life After COVID-19 for Insurers (IIS Webinar)

5월 6, 2020

Peter Ohnemus

Join Peter Ohnemus, founder of dacadoo, and Blake Hill, VP Life Insurance, in this special webinar sharing global views on what comes after COVID-19.  As a life-long serial entrepreneur, Peter’s biggest dream and vision is to make a difference in the world.  He will share his informed opinion on what the insurance industry will look like after this major challenge for society, our healthcare infrastructure, capital markets and our governments. As an Actuary with nearly two decades experience building products and leading innovation for Insurers, Blake will offer his views on how the changes that have resulted from COVID-19 will impact Insurers in the short and medium term as well as accelerate longer term changes.

May 6th, 2020

Host: Peter Ohnemus, CEO & founder dacadoo / Blake Hill, VP Life Insurance dacadoo

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5월 6, 2020
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