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dacadoo’s technology is delivered to millions of customers around the world. Our customers all have different value propositions and requirements from their end customers. Globally, we see a transformation trend from physical, analogue solutions and providers to digital care solutions and content. dacadoo has established a large network of relevant partners which can be plugged into our Digital Health Engagement Platform via dacadoo’s open API architecture, creating a full ecosystem of different services or content. With dacadoo’s global presence we have selected multiple highly specialized local and global partners that we can introduce to our customers as complementary content or additional service solutions.


Types of partnerships​

Partner content integrated into dacadoo

The dacadoo platform covers health promotion and all aspects of a healthy lifestyle with content covering body, mind and lifestyle (activity, nutrition, stress, mindfulness, self-control and sleep). We complement this with partners who offer specialist content in the above areas. The content is integrated into dacadoo and delivered via the automated coach. In the format of dacadoo coach goals which are short programs of 2-4 weeks’ duration covering specific lifestyle areas.

Lifestyle interventions and virtual coaching

Our platform reaches both healthy and at-risk populations. Therefore, with dacadoo’s deep linking capabilities our customers can plug in additional partners who can provide virtual coaching either as telemedicine solutions or remote expert guidance in areas like lifestyle intervention, mental wellbeing, sleep, weight management, etc.

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