Deploy Your Own Branded, Full-Featured Digital Health Engagement Platform
White Labeling: You Introduce the Innovation to Your Customers

Branding of the mobile apps (iPhone, Android) and the web version (responsive design).

Access to anonymized reporting and dashboards.

Ability to connect to many third party tracking devices and apps on an opt-in basis.

Ability to add own content in complement to provided content by dacadoo.

Hosting by dacadoo in the highly secure data center in Switzerland (GDPR and HIPAA compliant) or hosting on premise in your country.

Optional access to own administration portal for first level customer support.

Empower Your Customers to Take More Ownership of Their Health with dacadoo
Digital and Mobile

Quick and user friendly onboarding of your customers via mobile apps or web.


dacadoo offers its service in 13 languages and it can be accessed from any location.

Dynamic Tracking

dacadoo allows tracking of exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep, body values and mental wellbeing.

Better Awareness

Customers gain a better awareness and understanding of their health and why it matters.

Reward Your Customers for Healthy Behavior and Activities

Customers can earn points for healthy behavior and activities on the dacadoo Health Engagement Platform.

Customers can burn/redeem the earned points for various types of rewards as defined by Life & Health insurers.

Life & Health insurers can define themselves how many points they want to allocate to different types of activities on dacadoo.

dacadoo has partnerships with global loyalty providers, offering travel, merchandise experiences, gift card and many more rewards.

License the Backend for own Apps and the Health Score Risk Models for Underwriting
Partner System

Partner System

Exchange of Data
dacadoo Health Score Engine

dacadoo Health Score Engine

Life & Health insurers can license the dacadoo Health Score engine or engage with dacadoo in technical consulting to use the dacadoo Risk Score Models as part of their underwriting process. Additionally, Life & Health insurers can license specific functionalities and services available via backend/API of dacadoo (e.g. connection to third party devices/apps, challenge functionality, etc.) to build their own applications on top of it.

dacadoo provides a RESTful application programming interface (API) in OAuth 2.0.

Some Life & Health insurers license just the Health Score without storing any client data on dacadoo servers. Partners send the data anonymously and dacadoo will be just a Health Score “engine”.

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Other Life & Health insurers want to develop their own applications on top of the dacadoo backend logic and therefore want to make use of our dacadoo backend/API licensing agreement.

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