Step by Step Guide:

Samsung Health

You can now connect your Samsung Health app with dacadoo directly via the mobile dacadoo app (Android). Hereafter, please find a step-by-step guide on how to connect your Samsung Health app with dacadoo via the mobile dacadoo app.

(1) Basic setup

You will need the latest version of the dacadoo application for your Android device. Also, you need to have an internet connection, as you will need the browser on your smartphone. 

(2) Log in to the dacadoo app

The first step (assuming you have already installed the app) will be to log in to the dacadoo application with your email and password. Then click on Log In.

dacadoo application log in

(3) Access connections page Tracking Devices/Apps

On the main navigation of the app, please click on Track and then on Tracking Devices/Apps.

(4) Overview of connectable devices/apps

To connect to Samsung Health, click on Samsung Health.

(5) Initialize Connection

Please click on Manage Samsung Health to initialize the connection process.

(6) Authorize connection

You will access the Samsung Health detail page on dacadoo. You only have to swipe the little point from left to right. It will change from Off to On. If the colour does change from grey to green dacadoo is connected with Samsung Health.

On this page you do also have the possibility for some settings about which data should be transmitted or not.

(7) Check successful connection

To double check if your connection was successful, please return to Track -> Tracking Devices/Apps on dacadoo and verify, if you see the blue icon with a check mark next to Samsung Health to confirm the connection.