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Manuel Heuer

Manuel Heuer

Chief Operating Officer

dacadoo 3.11 App Update

We never stop improving.

At dacadoo, we’re committed to delivering the highest standards of quality across our wide range of products. Over the last few months our team has been working hard to release the superb 3.11 update of our user-facing application, which is now available to download for iOS, Android or accessible through our web platform.

We’re extremely proud and ecstatic to announce this release, which comes packed to the brim full of innovative new features that will greatly enhance your user engagement campaigns and the overall user experience. So, without further ado, here are the key improvements of our 3.11 app release.

Highlights of our latest release (version 3.11) 

Me screen redesign

A lot of our efforts have gone into redesigning the Me page for an enhanced user experience. It now features a visually engaging overview of a user’s daily values, achievements, goals and challenges and displays new articles or blogs to read (if available).

Another exciting highlight of the new Me page is the special message feature.Content creators can now push messages directly to the user’s Me screen without going through the coach. This new functionality helps to separate the content delivered by the coach and enables the user to instantly see important messages when entering the app. Those messages can be fully configurable, just like any other message and they can be sent to specific users, based on your targeting goals.  Our new push messages can contain one image, text and hyperlinks.

And with our deep-linking functionality, you can directly link to specific parts or features within the app when including them in messages or emails. For instance, you can now create a specific challenge and link directly to it from your email marketing campaigns. Our deep-linking tool will make your engagement campaigns easier than ever!

dacadoo 3.11

New supported languages

Our Digital Health Engagement Platform now supports a total of sixteen languages. With the introduction of 3.11, we’re pleased to announce the addition of Canadian French to our supported languages.

Now available:

Canadian French

These are just some highlights, but there are many more features available with this release. If you already have your app access code, please download the app or view it in the app stores for more information. Please note you cannot access our app without an access code.

As always, please get in touch with your dacadoo representative if you have any questions. We hope you enjoy working with the new 3.11 features.

We look forward to showing you the next updates we’re currently working on!

Not yet a dacadoo customer? Why not read our testimonials page to find out why the best companies around the world choose us to enhance their businesses through our Digital Health Engagement Platform, our Risk Engine or our API solutions.

Watch our short demo video to find out more about our platform.

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