Build your own digital health apps or add functionalities to your existing ecosystem.

DHEP White Label (DHEP-WL)

Use our configurable software to publish your own branded health and wellbeing apps.

dacadoo SaaS

Give your customers access to the ready–to–use dacadoo health app. 

Health Score

Use Health Score feature as part of our holistic DHEP solutions or integrate it as standalone functionality via HS-API.  

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Acquire Customers

Become a leader in proactive digital health promotion and attract new customers to your business. 

Retain Customers

Foster long-term loyalty and reduce attrition among your customers and employees by engaging them in their health and wellbeing.

Engage Customers

Use personalized data-driven insights, wellbeing advice, and incentives to boost customer engagement and increase cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. 

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Promote healthier lifestyles among members to mitigate risk, increase sales, and reduce customer churn.

Health Providers

Attract and retain customers by empowering them to make better lifestyle choices and improve overall wellbeing.


Use data-driven customer insights to make personalized recommendations that drive engagement and sales.


Promote a healthier lifestyle among the workforce to enhance productivity, reduce absenteeism and sick days, and foster a positive wellbeing culture.


Cross-sell life or health insurance to your existing customers or use lifestyle data to create personalized offers that drive customer acquisition and engagement.

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Management Team

Meet our Management team, whose expertise, passion, and innovation are transforming the healthcare engagement landscape.

Scientific Advisory Board

Comprising renowned healthcare and data experts, our Scientific Advisory Board ensures the scientific rigor and efficacy of our health engagement technology.

Our Team

Get to know the dedicated individuals powering our daily operations. Our dynamic and collaborative team is the heartbeat of our organization.

White Papers & Reports

Get the latest in-depth industry research trends and analysis.


Visualise our latest health data and understand how dacadoo supports businesses globally.


Watch our latest recordings with leading speakers. Gain industry insights and expert guidance.


Download industry flyers. Deep-dive into our suite of customer health engagement and health risk quantification solutions. 

Use Cases

Explore our Use Cases for great examples of how our clients have transformed with the use of our technology.

Global Award-Winning Digital Health Engagement Platform

Science-backed digital health technology software that benefits your business, customers, prospects, and employees.

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What is the DHEP?

dacadoo’s Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) gives you the power to create innovative digital health solutions for your customers, prospects, and employees. Choose from our API, White Label, SaaS and dacadoo Health Score, to launch your own health technology solution or integrate into your existing digital ecosystem.

Why Use the DHEP?

Customer Loyalty

Our gamification, lifestyle coaching, and rewards features mean that DHEP clients report higher customer retention rates.

Meaningful Engagement

Engage with your customers, prospects, and employees in meaningful ways. Personalize your offerings and stand apart from the competition.

Flexible Solution

Choose the integration method that works best for your business — DHEP API, DHEP White Label, or dacadoo SaaS, available in 18 languages.

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Integrate the DHEP Your Way


Our most flexible solution. Use our health engagement building blocks to create your own digital health apps from scratch or integrate them into your existing digital infrastructure.

DHEP White Label

Use our configurable White Label solution to publish and promote your own branded health and wellbeing apps without major development.

dacadoo SaaS

Our turnkey digital health solution that’s ready to use today. Engage your customers with access to the dacadoo health app.

Health Score API

The dacadoo Health Score is a number between 0 and 1,000, representing overall health based on body, mind, and a range of lifestyle factors, and 400 million person-years of scientific data. Use it as part of our holistic DHEP API, DHEP White Label, and dacadoo SaaS solutions, or integrate it as a standalone product to your own digital ecosystem via HS-API.

How it Works

dacadoo’s DHEP combines artificial intelligence, lifestyle coaching, behavioral science, and gamification to drive healthier lifestyle habits.

Connect and Track

Your customers or employees sign up in a few simple steps. They can track over 120 different activities and lifestyle factors, including sleep, nutrition, and exercise, directly with dacadoo via your own app directly or connect their preferred tracking devices and apps.

Health Score

The dacadoo Health Score is a dynamic, science-backed score between 0 and 1,000 that makes sense from complex health data. Its personalized insights, combined with our coaching and gamification features, empower your customers to take control of their health and wellbeing.


Users can activate a variety of goals to set health and lifestyle targets, track their progress, make more positive lifestyle choices, and improve their Health Score.

Social Activities

Users can stay motivated by connecting with friends and colleagues, cheering each other on, and sharing their activities and achievements on social networks.


Activate our rewards feature so users can earn points for healthy behavior. Let them redeem points in a rewards shop for benefits like an insurance premium discount.


Our game mechanics encourage users to remain active and engaged. Our library contains team and individual challenges — exercise, nutrition, fun photo-sharing — and 200+ rewarding individual achievements, like self-activated personal goals.

Supported 3rd party apps & devices

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