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Manuel Heuer

Chief Operating Officer

Get Ready For The Newest Generation Of Digital Health Engagement With Wheel Of Life™

With recent research showing that Covid-19 is catapulting the demand for insurers to accelerate their digitization process and enhance their health and wellbeing propositions, we are announcing our next generation of digital health engagement: Wheel of Life– the ultimate lifestyle navigator (watch our announcement video).

Lifestyle has the greatest impact on health outcomes

Research has shown that lifestyle choices alone can affect an individual’s overall health outcome by over 40%, so the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is paramount. Globally, leading causes of death are being attributed to Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs), which are mostly derived from lifestyle components, such as smoking, harmful alcohol intake, lack of exercise or a poor diet.

On the other hand, a recent industry survey conducted by dacadoo, states that 81% of Life & Health insurers are now turning their attention to attaching a health and wellbeing proposition to their product offering as a result of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

The future of lifestyle navigation has arrived with Wheel of Life

Thanks to our extensive product experience and data insights on user preference, the Wheel of LifeTM embodies our biggest product transformation within our Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) to date. It features a strong focus on improved user experience and a simpler, visually engaging user interface that will improve the user engagement and guidance towards leading healthier lifestyles. Wheel of LifeTM will be available for insurers and corporate wellness providers in early 2021.

Encompassing seven different areas, users of Wheel of LifeTM will be able to measure and quantify their physical and mental health, the quality of their sleep and nutrition, their mindfulness, their physical activity and even their smoking habits or alcohol intake; resulting in a single number from 0 (poor) to 1,000 (excellent) which is their Health Score. Our award-winning Health Score is a scientific, tangible solution to measuring holistic health, based on over 300 million people years of clinical studies.

As lifestyle components can also have a great impact on our physical and mental health, Wheel of LifeTM will help alleviate and prevent mental and physical conditions by promoting positive lifestyle changes. The Wheel of LifeTM DHEP features an AI-based digital coach which is available 24/7 and works as the user’s private health coach in their pockets, offering personalized health and wellbeing advice and guidance. The platform also includes a range of pre-set goals, challenges, and expert-curated content to motivate its users into making the right health-driven decisions.

Why should your organization implement Wheel of Life?

Implementing our Digital Health Engagement Platform with Wheel of LifeTM will allow your organization to rise above the rest and differentiate your company among a saturated market. It poses the perfect solution to member or employee engagement, being able to build a relationship with your customers based on trust and loyalty. The dacadoo Digital Health Platform allows you to learn more about your key audience thus enabling you to tailor your products and services for your customers’ personal needs.

In addition, tracking lifestyle data opens up enormous opportunities for more personalized products and services, such as Pay-As-You-Live insurance based on an individual’s own lifestyle, or cross-selling wealth management services based on the continuously updated understanding of a client’s longevity – creating the ultimate win-win scenario for both insurer and consumer.

Ready to find out more? Request a complimentary Wheel of Life demo by clicking here.

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