Manuel Heuer

Manuel Heuer

Chief Operating Officer

Together We Made 2020 A Great Year!

We all know that 2020 was a challenging year. As the Covid-19 virus started to spread around the world, many countries enforced home confinements, lockdowns, restrictions on movement and the closure of gyms or leisure centers, which added an extra layer of difficulty when it comes to keeping a healthy exercise routine.

As previously mentioned in our dedicated blog, the benefits of physical exercise are numerous. It reduces the risk of us dying from certain heart diseases, it can help us reduce blood pressure and risk of developing diabetes and certain cancers. Exercising also helps us maintain healthy bodies and minds, with reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression and helps us to maintain a healthy weight, bones, muscles and joints.

Being insufficiently active is one of the most serious yet poorly addressed public health problems of our time. 

Regardless of Covid-19 restrictions, 60 to 85% of people in the world—from both developed and developing countries—lead sedentary lifestyles which pose a huge risk to our overall health. That’s why at dacadoo we’re committed to fighting the sedentary crisis!

Therefore, we were so glad to analyze the data for last year and realize that our platform users around the world (including those that access it via our client platforms) really went above and beyond to stay heathy and look after their Health Score. Even through the midst of a global pandemic!

So, here’s what our technology users got up to during 2020:

If you are a Life or Health insurer and you’re wondering how our technology can help solve your key pain points around customer engagement and loyalty, all while keeping them healthier, why not browse through our blogs on Wheel of LifeTM or our dedicated Insurers section of our B2B blog.

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2021.

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