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Peter Ohnemus’ Key Takeaways of 2021 and Trends for 2022

This past year marked a time of significant change for many insurers. The insurance industry is experiencing one of the biggest fundamental shifts of the last 150 years. Gone are the old ways of working, and in its place is a rapidly changing environment marked by start-ups and digitization. A recent survey showed insurance operators understand that a digital transformation is necessary to survive in an increasingly complex and competitive marketplace.

dacadoo is helping insurers fully embrace this new digital era. Here is Peter Ohnemus’, dacadoo’s President & CEO, key takeaways for 2021 and upcoming trends for 2022.

1. Wheel of Life™ Digital Health Engagement Platform Launch

After more than a decade of gathering feedback from their global client base and data insights from their customers, dacadoo publicly launched the Wheel of Life™ Digital Health Engagement Platform (DHEP) at the beginning of 2021. This new generation of digital health engagement utilizes seven dedicated areas to track users’ holistic health and offers additional personalized goals. It’s dacadoo’s most accurate and engaging lifestyle navigator to date.

The Wheel of Life ™ measures the client’s health status in real-time and encourages them to actively manage their health and wellbeing in an easy and fun way. It’s not only a unique way for insurers to connect and engage with policyholders, but it also provides a relevant, useful service designed to help them lead healthier lives. This increased engagement builds customer loyalty and trust.

2. Defining the Integrated Insurance Operator

dacadoo, using recent research and monitoring of industry trends, created the term “Integrated Insurance Operator.” An integrated insurance operator meets rising consumer expectations through a consumer-centric, digitally enabled, and fully-integrated digital health ecosystem. They can build trust among their members and drive loyalty and customer engagement in the long term. dacadoo believes this will be the new normal within the next decade.

Insureds are demanding mobile-first digital experiences and services from their insurance providers. To meet that demand, a successfully integrated insurance operator will actively seek new external partnerships to enhance their internal resources and move them into the era of digital integration. Ultimately, the integrated insurance operator will be the leader in the insurance landscape, fully embracing a mobile-first era and meeting consumers where they are.

3. The Digital Pill: What Everyone Should Know About the Future of Our Healthcare System

Ohnemus’ favorite book of the year was “The Digital Pill: What Everyone Should Know About the Future of Our Healthcare System.”

Written by Dr. Elgar Fleisch, co-founder of the Center for Digital Health Interventions at ETH Zurich, and Dr. Christoph Franz, Chairman of Roche/Genentech, “The Digital Pill” reflects on how digital technologies can combat non-communicable diseases (NCDs) as well as mental disorders.

According to Ohnemus, Drs. Fleisch and Franz offer a good view on how the healthcare system cannot continue as it is today and how innovation in digitization is becoming the key driver in the global healthcare system. “I find it brave that the chairman of one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world wrote a book about how digital coaches will help drive down costs and that we will ultimately, with precision medicine, need less medicine in the future,” he added.

4. Looking Ahead — Predict and Prevent

NCDs such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and chronic lung disease are among the biggest threats to global economies and healthcare systems. Looking ahead into 2022, dacadoo will be focusing on what we call ‘Predict and Prevent’. The emphasis of this strategy is the utilization of digital health engagement platforms to predict at-risk populations before they get sick, with the hope of ultimately preventing an NCD.

At dacadoo, the emphasis is on the preventative aspects of NCDs. By encouraging users of the DHEP to make better lifestyle and nutrition choices in real-time, their chances of developing an NCD decrease. Through our focus on continually improving health engagement, health risk quantification solutions, and enhanced technology, dacadoo strives to work toward a better, safer, and healthier future.

Here’s to a safer, happier and healthier 2022!

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