Engage with your policyholders

InsurTech Engagement solutions for Life and Health Insurers

Do you struggle with customer acquisition and engagement? What if you could offer your policyholders personalized products and services? Have you considered the power of lifestyle-based insurance products?

You can improve your customer experience with value-added digital health services and health promotion!

Health Engagement​

Improve your underwriting efforts with confidence

As you simplify the underwriting process do you lack confidence in your estimations? Do you want to be able to issue policies with speed, whilst using science-based technology instead of your traditional risk charts?

With our Risk Engine you’ll be able to issue policies swiftly and confidently!

Health Risk Quantification

At dacadoo, we develop technology solutions to simplify insurance processes. We work with leading insurers and reinsurers around the globe to improve their underwriting efforts with the help of our technology.
Our Health Risk Quantification solutions include two products that can be accessed via an Application Programming Interface (API).