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Aon and dacadoo – Wellbeing in your pocket

• 5 minutes read

Aon launches a new Well One health app for corporate workforces in Germany, providing employers with a data-driven way to optimize their wellbeing strategy.

Frankfurt / Hamburg, October 19, 2021

Aon, one of the world’s leading consulting and services companies, has developed the Well One platform together with Swiss Insurtech and Healthtech dacadoo and is making it available to companies on the German market starting immediately. Unlike other health apps, Well One offers mutual benefits for employers and employees: employees can use the application not only to collect data, but also to obtain specific insights thanks to an individual health score, thus improving their understanding of their own health. Companies can use a valid, reliable health database to better support their workforce and develop a sustainable strategy, which can have a particularly positive impact on the success of the company in terms of prevention.

Aggregated health data is key

Well One addresses the question of how prevention can be successfully achieved using first-hand data and analytics. By collecting and analyzing aggregated and anonymized health data, companies not only obtain important information on specific needs but also on the respective wellbeing level of their own workforce.

In terms of content, the application is based on a total of four of the five pillars of the wellbeing concept: the physical, psychological, social, and financial areas. Each of these is addressed in the app in the form of different thematic blocks – for example, employees can record different physical activities (including integration with other tracking devices or apps), use special meditation exercises, or even create competitions among themselves. The topic of finance is tracked using retirement and planning information, individual savings plans, and associated savings goals. Via the automated coaching function, users receive tips and tricks and are actively reminded to achieve goals they have set themselves.

All data is bundled into an individual Health Score: a “control point” (score increases or decreases) to track, check and improve one’s own behavior across all wellbeing levels. At the same time, this score is in relation to the average score of all users and thus facilitates the assessment of one’s own performance. At the same time, individual users can decide for themselves at any time how much of the app’s offerings they want to use and which data they want to make available for aggregated evaluation by the employer.

Nicoletta Blaschke, Director of Health Solutions at Aon Germany, says: “The benefits of the app for the employee go beyond a mere health assessment; rather, it enables the generation of a sustainable and healthy change in behavior on the basis of data-driven insights. Hence, vigilance towards one’s own well-being – on different levels – becomes more and more a focal point for the employee as part of his responsibility towards himself.”

Support for self-help

Employers benefit most from the ability to support positive change within the

organization through the accurate and comprehensive use of Well One. The

comparability of data, the ease of interpreting and evaluating results, and the ability to seek expert help can help companies develop an understanding of how factors such as age, background, work area, and work style contribute to employees having different needs. At the same time, the insights gained encourage active scrutiny of certain anomalies identified on the basis of

individual thematic scores, so that appropriate countermeasures can be taken. In this way, the platform can help companies to reduce personnel risk.

“Employers literally have it in their own hands with the Well One app: through information and education, we can support positive health behavior,” emphasizes Peter Ohnemus, founder and CEO of dacadoo.

“When employees use the app, deal with their own health, network, share their successes and motivate each other through challenges, on the one hand, the knowledge about the topics themselves increases, but on the other hand, also the knowledge about their own health status automatically increases, combined with the pride of having accomplished something.”

At a glance: Evaluation options for companies

•    All data is always anonymous and aggregated, i.e., there is no individual employee tracking, no information on teams or groups of more than 10 people.

•    The platform can be customized by region or country, i.e., from global view to insight into individual countries, locations, or business units, for example.

•    Data can be analyzed by demographics – which age group participates in which challenges, what percentage participate, what percentage finish the challenge, how did the different scores change during the challenge? How does participation vary by age and gender?


Press contact

Aon Versicherungsmakler Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG


Luxemburger Allee 4 | 45481 Mülheim a.d. Ruhr

Tel.: +49 176 1266-2668


About Aon

Aon is one of the leading global consulting and services companies, offering a wide range of risk, retirement, compensation, and health solutions. In-depth knowledge of risks, opportunities, and potential is the foundation of our work. Our ambition is to help you achieve the goals you set for yourself. Our 50,000 qualified employees in 120 countries, including around 1,650 at twelve locations – are committed to helping you achieve these goals.

In Germany – are committed to helping you achieve these goals. The German headquarters are located in Hamburg. For more information on Aon, please visit www.aon.de.

About dacadoo

dacadoo, named a 2021 “Cool Vendor in Insurance” by Gartner, licenses its Digital Health Engagement Platform, including its Health Score and Risk Engine to Life & Health insurance operators (B2B), supplying Insurtech and health-tech solutions to over 35 of the top 100 Life & Health insurance operators globally. Available in over 16 languages, dacadoo’s technology is provided as a fully branded, white label solution or it can be integrated into customers’ products through its API. Through its ‘Connect, Score, Engage’ offering, dacadoo supports Life & Health operators to motivate their clients to lead healthier lifestyles through its SaaS-based Digital Health Engagement Platform. dacadoo also provides its Risk Engine, which calculates relative risk on mortality and morbidity in real-time. dacadoo has over 120 employees across locations in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific and over 100 filed patents around their digital Life & Health solutions. dacadoo is entirely committed to privacy and security, hence why it designs and operates its solutions in line with industry standards, laws and regulations such as the Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection, GDPR, and HIPAA. Its Information Security and Privacy Management System is certified according to world-renowned ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 standards.

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