Empower and Engage Your Employees in Their Health and Wellbeing
Empower Your Employees to Take More Ownership of Their Health with dacadoo
Digital and Mobile

Quick and user friendly onboarding of employees with smartphone or web.


dacadoo offers its service in 13 languages and it can be accessed from any location.

Dynamic Tracking

dacadoo allows tracking of exercise, nutrition, stress, sleep, body values and mental wellbeing.

Better Awareness

Employees gain a better awareness and understanding of their health and why it matters.

Engage Employees through Group Dynamics, Challenges and Gamification

Employees find each other in a company specific group on dacadoo. They can friend each other and share activities.


Setting up individual or team challenges for companies is very easy and they are a great tool for employee engagement.


dacadoo uses motivation techniques known from online games to secure interest and long term commitment of employees.

High Engagement

Employee participation rates range between 30% and 80%, depending on the quality of the launch campaign, internal endorsement and support with DAU/MAUs ranging between 30% and 50%.

Experience the Employee Journey with a Few Simple Steps
1. Quick and Simple Onboarding

With few simple questions, employees get registered and get their baseline Health Score.

2. Participate in Activities

Employees track their activities and participate in challenges using the dacadoo app or the website.

3. Measure and Benchmark

dacadoo generates anonymized statistics to measure and compare performance over time.

4. Rewards and Incentives

Promote healthy lifestyle and active participation, and reward healthy behaviors.

Get Access to Anonymized Corporate Reports

Obtain a consolidated Health Score for your company and measure its evolution over time.

Visualize anonymously the key modifiable health risks among your workforce.

Analyze and compare anonymized data across dimensions such as location, gender, age classes, etc. in a secure way.

Identify preferred activities and engagement levels among your workforce.